The Most Famous Tostada in the World.....

…….exists in Ensenada.  This is not new news, the one and only Anthony Bourdain has called La Guerrerense in Ensenada some of the best street food in the world and genius.  Bourdain visited her years ago on a trip to Baja for his show no reservations.  

The queen of the tostada, Sabina Bandera, has officially moved from her famous street cart (Definitely still there!) into her own restaurant directly across the street.  The restaurant is called Sabina Restaurante and will feature the entire street cart menu as well as extended seafood menu.  The restaurant will feature local beer and wine from Valle de Guadalupe.  In a statement about the street cart vs the new restaurant, Señora Bandera says they are both made with love J

While researching her more to write this blog I learned some fun facts that I thought I would share.  In 1976 at 21 years old, Señora Bandera traveled to Ensenada from Guerrero, Mexico on her honeymoon.  She never left!  In 2013 she represented Mexico at the annual World Street Fair Congress in Singapore.

Monica and I have eaten her famous tostadas in Ensenada and have to describe as a one of a kind culinary experience.   Truly some of the freshest fish and best seafood come out of Ensenada.  A must travel for any foodie.

Buenas Suerte Señora Bandera, we can’t wait to sit down and experience your restaurant!

Jason and Monica