Plaza Fiesta in the SD Reader!

I was just walking down the streets of downtown SD and the San Diego Reader in the newsstand caught my eye. I'm sure it was the three large shining beers on the cover, but looking closer I see the Tijuana arch in the background! Turns out to be a really cool article on craft beer scene in TJ (Plaza Fiesta). Since there are more than 20 taps rooms in the plaza, they are calling it a daily beer fest....I like that! One small note, they forgot to mention that most tap rooms are closed on Mondays so we can’t do daily.

Kind of interesting, I have been calling this spot Plaza del Zapato. But Plaza Fiesta is where all of the tap rooms are. Zapato is right next store and is home to little shops and holidays events. So from now on it’s Plaza Fiesta!

If you are interested in heading down there let me know, I will point you in the right direction!

Below are some photos of another recent trip done there.